Collect, moderate & share the satisfaction of your clients on the internet.

Real-Advice is the ultimate customer review manager that allows you to automatically and personally interview each of your clients at different stages of their relationship with your real estate agency.


Sending satisfaction surveys


Through its unique technology, each survey is personalized for each client (regardless of the client's language or situation) and sendings are automated so that you can focus on your job.

Rather than uniform questionnaires with standardized questions, your customers are surveyed with RealAdvice intelligence customizing each survey automatically, increasing participation rate by 30% and leaving your customers with a feeling of being in good hands.


The moderation of reviews


Once the review has been collected, a notification invites you to moderate it before it is broadcast *. You can contact your client, interact with your team internally, ask to delete or modify the opinion, evaluate the strengths of your team and your brand, respond publicly to your customers or benchmark you vis-à-vis other real estate agencies in the region.


* As an option, each agent can manage the client review he or she is responsible for, which personalises the relationship and positively impacts the natural management.


Analyze your real estate brand through the eyes of your customers


The profession of real estate agent is primarily a customer service business. Whatever footprint you leave to your client, it makes your reputation good or bad via word of mouth.

That's why RealAdvice uses the NPS® metric that allows you to identify the customers who will praise your agency to their loved ones and those who will degrade your brand so you can act knowingly.

®Net Promoter and NPS are registered service marks, and Net Promoter System and Service Marks, of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. and Fred Reichheld.


Whether your client is a promoter or detractor of your reputation, RealAdvice analyzes the key elements that satisfy your clients while highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your brand in general, or your team in particular with the possibility to compare your satisfaction results with the average of real estate agencies in your area.

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