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Why ListGlobally?

The first action for a future buyer is to start their search on the Internet and it is quite natural that they turn to favourite portals, in their own language. The promise of ListGlobally therefore is to make your listing visible to the most world visitors on portals specialized in international real estate.

How does ListGlobally work?
Very simply, ListGlobally has developed a set of tools to translate ads in 9 languages and disseminate them on partner portals around the world...
This is not a Google Translate type of translation but a revolutionary technology of artificial intelligence which extracts key words in ads and redials a real estate ad in grammar close to human translation.

Listings for which countries ?

Listings are disseminated in an 'all-inclusive' buffet of countries spread over different continents: Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Africa... The selected countries represent the strongest potential for real estate buyers: China, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Germany, France, Belgium, Singapore… and the network has doubled in the last 12 months. Our partner portals are among the leaders in their market: Soufun in China, ImmoVlan in Belgium, Immobiliare in Italy, “A Vendre, A Louer” in France, Arkadia in Russia, Realtor in the United States… etc.

Is this useful for the listings in Quebec ?

It is essential in the current trend of globalization in terms of real estate markets! Canada is a popular destination by many immigrants and investors and it is for example the 2nd destination of choice for the Chinese, behind the United States and the affluent from Australia. ListGlobally is the chance for your properties to be seen by 140 million people per month around the world.

ListGlobally is a service powered by shareIMMO technology in Quebec.

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Listing internationally broadcast. Daily update, automatic translation in 9 languages, tool for monitoring your publications
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